Yes, the Eyres Really Are on the Road

Richard and Linda Eyre have spent the better part of the last month on the Bali, Indonesia! They had a grand vacation with all of their children and their sons and daughters in law. And, of course, there were plenty of opportunities to see the joy of parenthood and family relationships along the way! Here are a few highlights from their trip:

The Eyres spreading the news about the joy of parenting at a press conference in Jakarta. 

Richard and Linda Eyre spending a little time with their hosts for the seminar in Jakarta.

Linda hanging out with her new friend at the Jakarta Zoo. Even the King of the Beasts needs a little advice in the parenting department.

Making new friends after their event in Kuala Lumpur...a newspaper columnist and his wife who own and operate a home for disabled children.

The Eyres posing with friends after their event at a Buddhist Center in Singapore. The event was sponsored by local Buddhists, the LDS Church, and a Muslim organization called Jamiyah.