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Movie Review: The Mountain Between Us

The Mountain Between Us, 10/06/17, 1hr 43mins, PG-13      

“The Mountain Between Us” stars Kate Winslet as Alex and Idris Elba as Ben.  Both of them are at the airport trying get to important events but no commercial planes are flying.  Instead they book a pilot and a two passenger plane to take them over the Rocky Mountains.  Tragedy strikes in the air and the two survive the crash with injuries but the pilot does not.  Next they must survive winter in January in the Rockies.

The acting in this film is on par with the cast. Idris Elba and Kate Winslet are both wonderful actors.  The film does become a little predictable.  The arc of the story has the main characters disliking the other and even blaming each other for their problems, to actually becoming enamored.  That seemed strange since Alex’s character was heading to her wedding.

The movie does show some of the harsh survival skills one would need in an unforgiving winter climate.  This film was not made for its accuracy though.  This film was made to enjoy a story on the big screen. The filmmakers succeeded in presenting that story in an entertaining way.  This is not a film that will change your life but you may enjoy taking a little time to appreciate the story.

Parents will want to know that there are some bloody injuries shown.  The pilot gets buried on the mountain side. There is also an intense and a little lengthy scene of sexuality.  There is some language in the film and some adult situations dealing with relationships.

“The Mountain Between Us” is rated PG-13 and I am giving it a B-.  

Movie Review: Battle of the Sexes

Battle of the Sexes, 9/29/1/, 2hr 1 min, PG-13  

In 1973 the Battle of the Sexes, as it was promoted, Pitted Billie Jean King the number one woman tennis player in the world against former number one men’s tennis player Bobby Riggs.  At the time King was 29 years old and Riggs was 55 and a serial self-promoter. Riggs could not stand to be forgotten, so when he got the chance he was all in and did all he could to put himself in the spotlight.

The trailer for the film depicts much more of a story surrounding the actual match that was played.  The film on the other hand expands more into the years before the actual match and what led up to it.  Including the lives of both Riggs and King.  Riggs was dealing with a wife who did not appreciate his gambling debts.  King was also having personal problems, she was trying to promote equality in women’s sports.  Plus she was questioning her sexual orientation at the time.

The acting in the film is good and Steve Carell playing Bobby Riggs was a great choice as he played a male chauvinist very well.  Emma Stone was also wonderful as Billie Jean King.  The actual battle that takes place on the tennis court was historic in many ways and that is not lost in this film.  If you don’t know the outcome I won’t ruin it here.

Parents will want to be aware that there is lesbian sexuality in this film.  Women are seen disrobing and some lingerie is shown. Only shoulders and bare backs are visible.  Due to the setting in the seventies and the sponsor of the women’s tennis tour there are scenes which include smoking and drinking.  The portrayal of sexist thinking is also prevalent during the film.

Battle of the sexes is rated PG-13 and I am giving it a B grade. 


Movie Review: Close Encounters of the Third Kind

Close Encounters of the Third Kind, PG

Yes this is a review for a film that is 40 years old, but that’s because it is back in theaters.  There’s a reason this film is back in theaters for its 40th Anniversary… It’s just that good.

I remember going to this film and being dropped off with my friends at a theater and being engulfed in a story that asked questions and made me think about the world around me.  After viewing it again 40 years later I still had the same reaction.  Steven Spielberg, Richard Dreyfuss, Terri Garr, Melinda Dillon and the score by John Williams all combine to make this film the masterpiece it is.

This is the story of an Indiana power worker who meets up with a UFO and becomes entranced by what he feels is drawing him to learn more about the encounter.  His search envelopes his life and crumbles his marriage and family.  So much so, he builds an inexplicable model of Devil’s Tower in his living room. 

This is an amazing film visually.  The Chance to see this on a big screen is the real reason to go back and see it again.  Of course if you haven’t ever seen it, get a ticket.  The large scale shots in the film are meant to be seen on a big screen and they do not disappoint.  The storytelling is moving and the characters feel like your friends next door.  Spielberg attributes this to the fact that he felt like all the actors were playing themselves in the film.

Close Encounters of the Third Kind is rated PG and there are a few profanities.  A woman is seen in her robe and underwear.  Some suspenseful scenes may be too much for some younger viewers.  This is a treasure of a film and it gets an A grade from me.