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Really Cool Humans Are Everywhere!

Really Cool Humans Are Everywhere!


“Stop,” she yelled from across the airport walkway, “You are Kim Power Stilson, right?  I need to introduce you to a really cool human.  You need to have them on the show!”


If I were to count how many times people have stopped me, emailed me, called me or texted me to introduce me to a really cool human they wanted to have on the show, I would get past 100 easy and still be amazed at the number of great people who have made some very grand contributions to the world, for which I am truly thankful.  For one the seemingly endless number of really cool humans means the world is still a fantastic place filled with grand souls, and for two, the vast number of great humans keeps me hosting a daily talk show on SiriusXM 143 BYU Radio.


Listeners to the show, people who hail from as far away as Iceland and as close as my nearby neighbor (who makes sure to tell me she can hear me breathing into the microphone – sheesh I had a cold). I have the wonderful honor to explore the world of fascinating, informative and inspiring guests who have come up with a way to make the world a better place.  Some humans have made obvious contributions to the world, some have made small and delightful contributions, but all of their contributions are very grand.   I have met a countless number of really cool humans with stories, strategies and solutions, and yet there seems hundreds more left to meet. Together the listeners and I get to talk to some of the coolest people and hear their stories.

If you haven’t tuned in, logged on or downloaded our show, that plays on SiriusXM 143 weekdays and Saturdays at 3:00 pm Eastern (you can stream live from a Smartphone on our BYU Radio app or listen anytime on iTunes) then you may have missed out on people who have created solutions and done everything from saving exotic cats, trekking across Iceland, walking a tightrope for fun, raising funds for diseases, catching fireflies, creating celebrity faces on ducks, escaping terrorist attacks, birthing billionaires, helping families stay connected, speaking out against cruelty, cooking in Dutch ovens, to helping restore music to schools.  So many people do really cool things and there is a story in every one of them that someone out there listening may just really like to hear. 


So when people say, “I need to introduce you to a really cool human.  You need to have them on the show!”  I get excited to see who we will all get to meet next and most importantly, I am reminded that the world is full of really cool humans and truly a grand place to live.  Listen in with us to hear their stories on the Kim Power Stilson talk radio show at 3:00 pm Eastern/ 1:oo pm Mountain on SiriusXM 143!

Kim Power Stilson Show - Week of March 2, 2015

Tune in to the Kim Power Stilson Show this week to hear the following really cool humans who will share their stories, strategies, and solutions! 

March 6: 

Guitar professional and singer, Ryan Hiller is a guest today. Artists he has played with include The Dirty Dozen Brass Band, John Scofield, and Styx. He will share some tracks from his CD, “Ryan Hiller: How It Works.” 

Wendy Parmley, author of “Hope after Suicide,” recounts her experience of opening up her heart years after her mother’s suicide. She will talk about forgiving yourself and others, seeking help when you need it, and drawing closer to the divine.

Sports and Recreation Week

Join us this week on the Kim Power Stilson talk radio show (3pm Eastern/1pm Mountain) where we will interview really cool humans about their favorite sports and recreation. Listen in as experts talk about their start in what would become their lifetime past time. 


Kick in on Monday (Aug 25) for Rugby 

Swing in on Tuesday (Aug 26) as we talk Golf

Wednesday is Koreball and Hang Gliding (Aug 27)

Batter up for Thursday to talk  Baseball (Aug 28)

Touch down on Friday for Football (Aug 29)

Please tune in to join us on SiriusXM 143 BYU Radio at 3:00 pm Eastern.  You can find us on and iTunes. 

Missed a show? Click on “Show” and scroll to the “Kim Poser Stilson” show page.  

Things That Scare You

“Things That Scare You Week”

This week on the Kim Power Stilson Radio Show (3pm Eastern/1pm Mountain) we are sharing the stories of really cool humans who do things that you might find a little scary, you might not, but then again you will never know until you listen!

Mon., Aug. 11:  “Sharks!”

Surfs Up! Got your shark suit on? Today shark safety surfpreneur & professional surfer Veronica Greyof joins us! In addition to being a great surfer, she is known for her efforts to clean the ocean, for inventing the first shark repellent products, and appearing on more network TV interviews than any other surfer alive! Find out about her exciting life and her latest cause.

Tues., Aug 12: “UFO’s and Mothman!”

Travis Shortt is no stranger to the world of paranormal, developing an early interest in UFO’s and hauntings. Today, this paranormal researcher/documentary filmmaker will talk about a legendary moth-like creature reportedly seen in West Virginia in the in 1960’s, called Mothman. Learn about this legend and what has been discovered since.

Wed., Aug 13: “Lions!”

If you were face to face with a lion, would you be scared? Today, to continue “things that scare you week,” we will be talking about lions, with CEO of Born Free Foundation USA, and in the UK, Adam M. Roberts. Though the scariest part of the show isn’t the lions themselves, the real scare is, that the African Lion is currently facing the danger of extinction. Learn what’s threatening these strong creatures, and what can be done today.

Thurs., Aug 14: “Bigfoot & Bronies!”

Things that might scare you can come in all shapes and sizes. Whether they are “Big” or “little” sometimes makes no difference at all. First, Zane Torgeson joins the show to talk about his experience with the one and only BIG FOOT. Next, David Halliday, the leader of the BYU Bronies (a group of people who like the show “My Little Pony”), joins the show to share their really cool story, with special guest Dr. Wolf. You may or may not be too scared of Bronies, but we wanted to get them on the show. Have a little fun with us today.

Fri., Aug 15: Exotic Animal Experts

Two exotic animal experts are featured on the show as part of our “things that scare you week!” First, Tim Harrison, Director of Outreach for Animals, will talk about his award-winning documentary, “The Elephant in the Living Room,” that explores the “controversial American sub-culture of raising the most dangerous animals as common household pets.” Then, Animal Expert, David Enden will talk about his work with big exotic cats.

Missed a show? Click on the Kim Power Stilson show page.

"Foodie Week" on the Kim Power Stilson Show

In honor of “Foodie Week” on the Kim Power Stilson Radio Show, we will start with a Seafood entrée, and end with a delicious dessert! First Chef Ivan Flowers joins the show, bringing 25 years of fine cuisine experience to the table, in addition to great seafood tips, with his philosophy of “Boat to Table.” Then self-made millionaire and winner of Food Network’s Cupcake Wars, Elfie Weiss, joins the show to talk about desserts as owner of Hotcakes bakery!

We are all about Summer Cooking! The former Executive Chef of New York’s Famed Waldorf-Astoria Chef John Doherty comes on to talk sauce savvy for Summer along with secrets to perfectly grilled meats! Then Kim Hanna CEO and Founder of, shares camp recipes that go far beyond the typical hot dogs and beans.

Continuing “Foodie Week” on the Kim Power Stilson Show, we are going international while talking about sushi and hummus! Yuen Yung, CEO of custom sushi shop "How Do You Roll?" accompanies Kim to share how he is taking sushi to a whole new level including non-traditional options of chicken, waffles, or beef in your rolls! Also on the show, Blake Wollman, Chick (pea) Magnet and owner of "The Wild Pea Hummous, shares the health benefits of eating hummus and what makes his company unique.

Lunch for the First Time in Ten Years

Lunch is not on the menu for a mid-day talk radio show host.  I have sacrificed hundreds of lunches over the last 10 years.  Now before you judge me harshly, I need to let you know that I am not referring to the random sandwich. Of course, those can be eaten any time, except of course in the studio while on air. Nor am I whining about the fact that my stomach has grumbled and growled on air loudly enough to cause grief for those engineering the sound on my show. What I am talking about are the hundreds of “let’s go to lunch” invitations I have missed while being on the air and the one crazy one I tried to make last week.

The lunches I regret not being able to attend happen at noon, when everyone gets together to celebrate conveniently over the mid-day meal. I have missed colleagues sitting around talking shop, formal affairs at chamber of commerce-type events, and celebration lunches for birthdays and other life milestones.  When my stomach reminds me to eat as my show ends at 2 pm, I am never sure what I missed about not having lunch more – the delicious food, or the decadent chance to catch up with friends.  

It has been with dubious pleasure that I have received invitations to attend, speak at, and even to receive an award at events held at 12 or 1 pm, during my scheduled show.  When asked why I would not be attending an event where I was to receive recognition for my role as a talk radio show host, I replied, “I am on the air at that time.” And when she asked, “Can’t you be a little late?” I patted my empty stomach and laughed.  I had tried going early and late to events and had learned that when it comes to chatting with people and traffic there are no guarantees that you can get by quickly.  Radio is time-sensitive and waits for no host.  A good show host knows that when the show starts, you had better be in the studio in front of the microphone with your headphone on.

Until this week I was hardly ever tempted to attend an event.  Yet when I was invited to a Christmas party that started at 11:15 at a Chinese Restaurant near the studio, I was excited.  I figured if I arrived on time, networked rapidly, and ate just as fast I could drive to the studio and be there in time my show at 12:15.  

When I arrived at the holiday luncheon I could smell the tangy Asian scent of lunch (Oh how I have missed lunch!)  I was also happy to greet my holiday- clad colleagues who may have been surprised to see me at that time of day.  I had talked my way around the room by 11:30 and was ready to eat when we were invited to be seated.  I watched the clock rapidly tick on as company announcements were made.  Finally at 12:00 a hundred or so employees were invited to join the buffet line.  I looked at the masses of people and the one line and strategically wondered how I could get in the line ahead of everyone, eat, and leave for my show in 15 minutes.  My (awesome) colleague, Peter, must have noticed my assessing look for suddenly he shouted, “Let Kim go, she has a show!!”  My boss MaryLyn joined him, “Let Kim go first, she has a show!”  (How sweet is that?) The crowds parted and I stepped into line first.  First in a buffet line is quite an honor.  It was a dubious pleasure breaking into the finely-displayed food, but break I did.  I sat down to an empty table with a plate full and by the time my table mates were back, my plate was clean.  I chatted politely for 5 minutes until 12:15 and then excused myself to drive to my show.  I made the show in plenty of time and after the program when the engineer mentioned that he didn’t notice my usually loud stomach rumblings during the show, I said, “I went to a Christmas lunch before I came!”  I guess once every ten years or so a mid-day talk show host can have their lunch and eat it too! 

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