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The Kim Power Stilson Show - Week of March 9, 2015

Meet some really cool humans with solutions on the Kim Power Stilson Talk Radio Show this week! 

March 11: 

“The Magnesium Miracle.” Dr. Carolyn Dean joins us on the show today and will share facts about Magnesium and its importance to our health. 

“Spinal Fusion Surgery Survivor.” Kim welcomes Bill Schultz who will talk about his experience of receiving his doctor’s pronouncement that he needed spinal fusion surgery. And, how this motivated him to seek another solution which led to his creation of posture and functional apparel, called Alignmed.  

March 13: 

Today is the Pi Day of the Century! Jessica Purcell, associate professor, and Ben Schoonmaker, a graduate student in the BYU Mathematics Department, will join the show and enlighten us on the definition of “Pi”; the history of Pi Day (celebrated yearly on March 14 and Einstein’s birthday, too!) and the reason this year’s celebration is called the Pi Day of the Century! 

“Thanks to My Mom.” We welcome Amy Newhouse, publisher, editor-in-chief, and co-author of the “Chicken Soup for the Soul” series. She will introduce a book in the series about Moms that offers “101 Stories of Gratitude, Love, and Lessons.”  

Kim Power Stilson Show - Week of February 16, 2015

Tune in Wednesday, February 18 for a great show with two really cool humans!

Teresa Taylor, author of “The Balance Myth: Rethinking Work/Life Success,” will share solutions that will help women to simplify the complexities of a professional lifestyle—from parenting and married life to travel, friendship and business and more.

Janice Holly Booth, representing an Adventurista outlook (commitment to the adventurers and travelers lifestyle), will give advice, based on her own personal experiences, that will help listeners to get out of their ruts by becoming a little braver, a little bolder, and a lot more resilient in their lives. 

Kim Power Stilson Show - Week of February 9, 2015

We’re talking to some really cool humans with solutions this week on the Kim Power Stilson Show. 

Mon., Feb 9

“Making Healthy Food More Convenient Than Junk Food.” Kim welcomes Sean Kelly, Nutrition Activist and Social Entrepreneur, who is the Co-founder of H.U.M.A.N., a company that uses healthy vending machines, self-checkout convenience stores, and direct delivery services to bring healthier foods to the public.

Seth Bybee, who we affectionately call the “Bug Man,” is also on the show today. He’s an assistant professor of biology at Brigham Young University and specializes in visual systems of Insects. 

Wed., Feb 11 

“Daring to Date Again.” Ann Anderson Evans talks about her experience of re-entering the dating scene after two careers, two children and a divorce. 

Fri., Feb 13

Valentine’s Day, Chicken Soup for the Soul and fashion tips are all featured on the show today.

Pamela McMurtry, “Holiday Diva” will share Valentine’s Day ideas. 

Amy Newmark, publisher, editor-in-chief and co-author of the “Chicken Soup for the Soul” book series, joins the show. 

Then, Trapper Broderick, founder and CEO of True Gentleman, a men’s dress and lifestyle company that offers custom fit, look, and style, will offer fashion tips.   

Coming Up: Week of February 2, 2015

We have some great interviews featured this week with really cool humans on the Kim Power Stilson Talk Radio Show. 

Mon., Feb. 2 

Kim welcomes Lisa Ferentze, a clinical social worker and psychotherapist, who specializes in adolescent and adult survivors of trauma, abuse, and neglect. She will talk about her book “Letting Go of Self-Destructive Behaviors: A Workbook for Hope and Healing.”   

“A Dentist’s Tips” - Dr. Edward M. Jackson (“Dr. Eddie,” as his patients affectionately call him) will share dental tips for parents and children on the show.   

Wed., Feb. 4

“Darn Good Eats: The Cookbook for Creative Chefs and Reluctant Cooks.” Jodi Ambrose joins us on the Kim Power Stilson Show to talk about her cook book that she wrote with her Chef husband, Grant. 

Maralyn D. Hill, known as “The Epicurean Explorer,” is our guest today. She says she was born to travel and tell the tale and is always on the lookout for luxury experiences that exceed expectations with spas, accommodations, dining, and destinations. She’ll share finds with us from her travels.   

Fri., Feb 6

“From Food Stamps to CEO.” Chelsea Berler shares her experience of going from poverty to becoming a successful CEO that is covered in her book “The Curious One: From Food Stamps to CEO – One Woman’s Journey through Struggle, Tragedy, Success, and Love.” 

Kim also welcomes Barbara Howard for a “Natural Solutions” update: “Are You a Victim of Sitting Disease?” And, Aimee Cohen of “Woman Up!” who shares, “Why Professional Women Should Listen to Toddlers.” 

Coming Up: Week of January 26, 2015

Meet really cool humans on the Kim Power Stilson Talk Radio Show this week!

“Reality of Resolutions” with Robert Reames – Mon., Jan 26, 3pm Eastern – Robert Reames, personal trainer and nutritionist, joins the Kim Power Stilson Talk Radio Show to share the “reality” of your New Year’s resolutions and weight loss vs. weight control. 

Hollywood Double, Bobby Holland Hanton – Mon., Jan 26, 3:30pm Eastern – Kim talks to Bobby Holland Hanton, Hollywood’s go-to Stunt Man who has doubled for such stars as Daniel Craig in “Quantum of Solace,” Christian Bale in “Dark Knight Rises,” and Chris Hemsworth in “Thor.”

Concierge Medicine with Bret Jorgensen – Wed., Jan 28, 3:00pm Eastern – Bret Jorgensen, Executive Chairman of MDVIP, a network of consumer-focused primary care physicians, joins the Kim Power Stilson Talk Radio Show to talk about what is Concierge Medicine and how doctors and patients can benefit from it.

Dale Ryan, Dog photographer – Wed., Jan 28, 3:00pm Eastern – Dale Ryan, a dog-loving photographer and writer, talks about her debut book, “Sleeping With the Beast,” on the Kim Power Stilson Talk Radio Show. 

What Can I Do for You?

“What Can I Do for You?” 

by Kim Power Stilson

People answer this question quite often.  They say, “a new car” or “world Peace” or “I don’t know,” when asked what is wanted for their birthday or Christmas. The less easily answered question is – “What can I do for you?” – especially when asked after trauma, disappointment, death, and tragedy.  Last month my daughter’s roommates were in a terrible car accident. They hydroplaned on their way back to college. Due to injuries, two freshman girls lost the rest of their first semester of college and one lost her life.   

My daughter, my husband and I were among the first to arrive at the hospital on the stormy day of the accident.  We knew what to do then, so we didn’t have to ask.  We made phone calls, brought in food for the anxiously waiting families, and we prayed.  A day later, when my daughter’s roommate was declared brain dead, we knew less what to do. We didn’t ask.  Hundreds of people just did what was needed to be done for the parents and family and the little freshman who would not make it to school yet and would donate her still living organs and tissues to other people with the hope of life. Through the days after the death and while the other two girls started the long journey of recovery, we found ways to help. We knew that the answer to the question of “What can I do for you?” was one that these grieving parents would not know how to answer. If they had found the words to say “bring my daughter back,” “make them whole again,” “start this day over,” we could not have helped them do it.

It’s been just over two weeks from the tragic accident that killed one girl and left two others injured; one week after the funeral that we attended for Taryn; six days after McKenzie was released from ICU; two days after once occupied college dorms are now empty of the colors that had been the beginning of these girls’ college life; one day since my daughter and one of the other roommates say for the hundredth time – that nothing is the same.  Today I call my daughter because I am finally out of things to do.  I ask her and the remaining roommates what I could do for them. They answer, “bring back my friends,” “make it the way it was.” I wish I could take back the question; the answers are too painful still.  And finally, comes an answer to my prayerful plea for something I could do – 

“Come see us and, Mommy, please bring some of those pumpkin chocolate cookies you make.”  

Oh, if only the question “What can I do for you?” was always as easy as making pumpkin chocolate chip cookies.  For today I am glad I had a response to my question. 

[audio src="O come O come Emmanuel HWY0027.mp3"]

Things That Scare You

“Things That Scare You Week”

This week on the Kim Power Stilson Radio Show (3pm Eastern/1pm Mountain) we are sharing the stories of really cool humans who do things that you might find a little scary, you might not, but then again you will never know until you listen!

Mon., Aug. 11:  “Sharks!”

Surfs Up! Got your shark suit on? Today shark safety surfpreneur & professional surfer Veronica Greyof joins us! In addition to being a great surfer, she is known for her efforts to clean the ocean, for inventing the first shark repellent products, and appearing on more network TV interviews than any other surfer alive! Find out about her exciting life and her latest cause.

Tues., Aug 12: “UFO’s and Mothman!”

Travis Shortt is no stranger to the world of paranormal, developing an early interest in UFO’s and hauntings. Today, this paranormal researcher/documentary filmmaker will talk about a legendary moth-like creature reportedly seen in West Virginia in the in 1960’s, called Mothman. Learn about this legend and what has been discovered since.

Wed., Aug 13: “Lions!”

If you were face to face with a lion, would you be scared? Today, to continue “things that scare you week,” we will be talking about lions, with CEO of Born Free Foundation USA, and in the UK, Adam M. Roberts. Though the scariest part of the show isn’t the lions themselves, the real scare is, that the African Lion is currently facing the danger of extinction. Learn what’s threatening these strong creatures, and what can be done today.

Thurs., Aug 14: “Bigfoot & Bronies!”

Things that might scare you can come in all shapes and sizes. Whether they are “Big” or “little” sometimes makes no difference at all. First, Zane Torgeson joins the show to talk about his experience with the one and only BIG FOOT. Next, David Halliday, the leader of the BYU Bronies (a group of people who like the show “My Little Pony”), joins the show to share their really cool story, with special guest Dr. Wolf. You may or may not be too scared of Bronies, but we wanted to get them on the show. Have a little fun with us today.

Fri., Aug 15: Exotic Animal Experts

Two exotic animal experts are featured on the show as part of our “things that scare you week!” First, Tim Harrison, Director of Outreach for Animals, will talk about his award-winning documentary, “The Elephant in the Living Room,” that explores the “controversial American sub-culture of raising the most dangerous animals as common household pets.” Then, Animal Expert, David Enden will talk about his work with big exotic cats.

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"Foodie Week" on the Kim Power Stilson Show

In honor of “Foodie Week” on the Kim Power Stilson Radio Show, we will start with a Seafood entrée, and end with a delicious dessert! First Chef Ivan Flowers joins the show, bringing 25 years of fine cuisine experience to the table, in addition to great seafood tips, with his philosophy of “Boat to Table.” Then self-made millionaire and winner of Food Network’s Cupcake Wars, Elfie Weiss, joins the show to talk about desserts as owner of Hotcakes bakery!

We are all about Summer Cooking! The former Executive Chef of New York’s Famed Waldorf-Astoria Chef John Doherty comes on to talk sauce savvy for Summer along with secrets to perfectly grilled meats! Then Kim Hanna CEO and Founder of, shares camp recipes that go far beyond the typical hot dogs and beans.

Continuing “Foodie Week” on the Kim Power Stilson Show, we are going international while talking about sushi and hummus! Yuen Yung, CEO of custom sushi shop "How Do You Roll?" accompanies Kim to share how he is taking sushi to a whole new level including non-traditional options of chicken, waffles, or beef in your rolls! Also on the show, Blake Wollman, Chick (pea) Magnet and owner of "The Wild Pea Hummous, shares the health benefits of eating hummus and what makes his company unique.

Lives of Children, Badges and Beards, Flying Trapeze

How Important Is Imagination in the Lives of Children?, Badges and Beards, Flying Trapeze and Fight Disease

Here's what's coming up this week on the Kim Power Stilson Radio Show! (3pm Eastern/1pm Mountain)

Wed., July 16th – “Imagination in the Lives of Children”

How important is imagination in the lives of children? According to artist entrepreneur Chad Davis, and international author, Leslie Neilson, it is very important! They have joined forces to produce a children’s book titled IMAGINE DREAMS, IMAGINE MAGIC. I-MAGI-NATION, a book designed to empower children, and open up unlimited possibilities. Find out why they are so passionate about this book and this cause today. 

Thurs., July 17th - “Badges and Beards”

First, Father and Son, Jim and Jay Padar, talk about what it’s really like to be a police officer, and their latest book entitled On Being a Cop. Then facial air expert, Pogonologist Dr. Allan Peterkin, joins the show to talk about the history of facial hair! 

Fri., July 18th - “Flying Trapeze and Fight Disease”

First, a PHD in natural health talks about how she got into Flying Trapeze! Then, holistic health educator Helayne Waldman, talks about what people can do nutritionally to fight off cancer.


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Family Story, Child Mobility, Team Building, and a YouTube Sensation

Here are some of the topics coming up this week on the “Kim Power Stilson Show” (3pm Eastern/1pm Mountain)

Tues., June 24:

Tom North, the author of “Yours Mine and Ours,” shares his personal story about the famous film made in 1968, then remade in 2005, about two families merging together to have a total of 18 children. Did you know this story was based on a real family? Award-winning author and speaker, Tom North, was one of the kids in this crazy family. Though, according to him, it wasn’t one big happy family, as the movies depicted.  

Wed., June 25: 

Debby Einatan, founder of Upsee, shares her story about the mobility device that lets children with motor impairment stand and walk with the help of an adult.  

Pam McMurtry, the Holiday Diva, will share some ideas on ”Prairie Princesses and Pioneers.” 

Thurs., June 26: 

Jessica Frech, YouTube sensation and singer-songwriter, will share her story and her EP of songs with inspiration messages about doing good in the world.  

Fri., June 27:

Dr. Rob Bogosian, founder of RVB Associates which drives results oriented coaching, will talk about helping leaders and teams build potential.  

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