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Two weeks ago as the BYU Football team was preparing to host Boise State at home on a Friday night, we talked about the importance of owning the moment.  On that night, BYU vs Boise was the only college football game on TV, and on ESPN to boot. They literally were the only game in town and everybody (locally and nationally) was watching.

That night BYU performed to the highest expectation beating the Broncos 37 – 20.  In the midst of the victory the Cougar’s stars took the spotlight and owned it as Cody Hoffman’s touchdown catch (while being interfered with) was  shown on Sportscenter many different times Friday night and over the weekend as a “Top 10” play.  Taysom Hill scored 4 TDs, and Jamaal Williams ran for 114 yards.

Monday night it was the Men’s Basketball teams’ turn as they faced Stanford on ESPN as the first game of their college basketball marathon.  The game, in Stanford, was one that many of the national college basketball fans and analysts were watching, and like the football team against Boise, the hoopsters delivered in a big way.  The 112 – 103 victory brought out comments lauding BYU’s play to twitter from ESPN Analysts Jay Williams, Seth Greenburg, Jeff Goodman and comments from other fans and analysts.  Before too long BYU was trending on Twitter nationally.

Like the football team before them, the hoop stars shined bright as Tyler Haws dropped 31 and Matt Carlino 26.  It may have been freshman standout Eric Mika who stole the show.  While his 12 point tally may look paltry in comparison, his play impressed enough to make him a nationwide trending topic on Twitter as well.

The lesson here is in today’s sporting world, when the opportunity is given you to be the “main event,” seize the moment.  By doing so it gives you the outlet to promote yourself and your team on the national sporting landscape and the social media landscape. Being able to gain this type of traction is priceless.

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