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Traveling: Put Yourself in Their Shoes

Can I just say how much I love to travel? I think it is the greatest adventure that anyone can have. I know that everyone says that they like to travel... but I don't think people understand how AMAZING it is. Now, I haven't been to TOO many places, but I have been to enough to know that I want to travel everywhere around the World. 

I found my love of travel when I went to Ecuador and then to the Amazon soon after. I volunteered at an orphanage in Quito, Ecuador and let me tell ya... it is very different there than in America. It is a Third World country and it was really heart breaking to see what the people there have to live with. Although it had a lot of poverty, it was actually refreshing to see how humble all of these locals were. They have a different lifestyle, but it was great to step into their shoes and see how they lived.

I compare traveling to trying someone else's shoes on for a couple days (or months.) In my opinion, the saying "put yourself in their shoes" is very accurate. Whenever I travel, I try to learn everything about that culture. It is very interesting to take a step outside of America and realize that people around the world have completely different ways of life – from the food they eat to their lifestyle. Every little thing excites me. There have been places I've traveled (like Canada) that are pretty similar to our country. There have been others (like the Amazon) that are so different that you feel like a fish out of water. 

While I was in the Amazon, I learned how to cook without electricity and bathe with no tub. I would say that I experienced a little bit of culture shock. But I learned very important things during the week I was jungle woman. I learned how to admire the outdoors and how pretty our Earth is. I learned that every animal and plant and person has a certain purpose in life that will be of help to others. The locals had so little but they appreciated everything they had and treated it with respect. While being in a jungle woman's shoes, I was intrigued by how happy and grateful they were. I learned that we take too many things for granted and we need to take a step back and smell the roses instead of rushing through life without any admiration. 

So.... take a time-out from life... Travel... and while you're out there... put on someone else's "shoes"... and see where they take you and what you learn. 

From the desk of Londyn Clawson, a student producer for The Morning Show with Marcus Smith.

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