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America Makes Us Equal

This past week, everyone in the BYU Broadcast Building got together and recited the Gettysburg Address. This got me thinking about how lucky we are to live in this country and to have the freedoms that we do. I began to think further …. America is not too shabby. 

Although we have had our ups and downs... overall...many people around the world would give everything to become a citizen here. I also think back to my ancestors and how they risked their lives and even died to come to the United States to experience the freedom we are so fortunate to have. My father is a family history junkie and I was talking to him on the phone the other day. He was telling me about my ancestors and how they got to America and HOLY COW... their life was ROUGH! I am forever in debt to them because I wouldn't be here today if it weren't for their craving of freedom. 

So... I have a confession... I'm a huge U.S. History fan (guilty).  And may I just say that Abraham Lincoln, the Civil War, and post-Civil War is very fascinating to me. You may ask why I am interested in this era of our country. I honestly don't have a direct answer. Maybe it's the fact that there was a huge disagreement within the States and they worked hard to enforce the UNITED States of America. 

As I listened to the Gettysburg Address recited over the radio, I couldn't help letting some tears run down my face. What an amazing time for our country. The main point was that Honest Abe was trying to help make us equal - no matter the color or religion. The Battle at Gettysburg was such an intense battle over a very simple subject. America had to go through this hardship to realize what we were all about. Many people come to our wonderful country just to feel like they are being treated equal. What an amazing thing we have!

I know this is somewhat of a disorganized, deep in thought post, but I just thought I would take the time to say, I'M PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN!! Are you? 

Go read the Gettysburg Address! It's always a great reminder to see how far our country has come and how fortunate we are. 

From the desk of Londyn Clawson, a producer for The Morning Show with Marcus Smith.

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