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Every Time I Go to the Grocery Store

Every time I go to the grocery store, I become uncertain of what time of year it is. I’ll walk into my local supermarket in September, and be confronted with Thanksgiving decorations. There will be an aisle of Halloween candy and costumes – seeing as that holiday is only a month away. 

But there will also be deals on turkey and pilgrim statues lining the aisles, and pie tins ready for your next pumpkin creation, which won’t take place for roughly two months. I’m continually floored by the fact that the day after Halloween – out comes the Christmas trees. And, instead of spending February only focusing on conversation hearts and paper Valentines, I have to begin thinking of eggs and bunnies for Easter. 

Why is this such a huge part of our society? Why, instead of thinking about the next holiday or event coming, we have to jump to the next and the next and the next event. I suppose we could chalk it up to preparation. But I have a sinking feeling that with the lines at the grocery store on Valentine’s Day or Christmas Eve, being prepared isn’t a consideration. Rather, I think that it is all about consumerism. Grocery stores want to bring out the next opportunity to get you to spend money. And they can get you to spend even more if they make you think you can stock up on the next several holidays all at once. Unfortunately, when you buy Christmas candy two months in advance, it will most likely get eaten and you’ll have to go out and purchase more at the last minute on Christmas Eve. If stores market their decorations months in advance, they know that you’ll be paying more after the holiday. Or, if they’re offering merchandise right before, it means they are trying to get rid of their overstock. 

Too much of our world revolves around money, in my opinion. If I owned a store, I would want people to spend February thinking about love and Valentine’s Day, instead of shoving the bunnies of Easter down their throats. Who knows, maybe if I begin the boycott on buying holiday treats and decorations too early, the stores will be forced to slow down and let me enjoy each holiday, individually! 

From the desk of Maddy Richards who helps produce The Morning Show with Marcus Smith on BYU Radio.

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