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Valentine’s Day

I love Valentine’s Day. I think it probably has something to do with the fact that I’m a hopeless romantic. I want everyone to be in love, and want everyone’s love to be magical and special. That’s why romantic comedies, proposal YouTube videos, and yes, Valentine’s Day, have a special place in my heart. I’m convinced that one day I’m going to wake up to a harsh reality and turn cynical, and I’ve been disappointed countless times about romance. But for some reason, it doesn’t deter me. 

Valentine’s Day is often made into a huge production. Most will argue that it’s bad to put so many expectations on a single day. It probably is. However, that doesn’t stop me from hoping flowers are delivered to my office at work and that a romantic dinner awaits complete with the perfect piece of jewelry to finish the evening off. Some years, that idea is more realistic than others. While I do have these expectations, I also understand the reality. If it’s a year where flowers and a necklace aren’t looking like they’ll magically appear, I know how to arrange for it to happen myself. I am comfortable to go to dinner with friends, or make a favorite dish and watch my wonderful romantic comedies alone, counting on a better future. 

Maybe you hate Valentine’s Day. You find it a stupid excuse for people to spend money and say words they don’t mean. Maybe you’re like me, and you love every stupid candy conversation heart and balloon. All that really matters is that on February 14th you take a millisecond to think about someone you love. And hopefully, let them know how you feel. Me? I’m going to call my parents and my sisters to tell them I love them, spend the afternoon with friends who care, and then I’ll do the cooking, and let Julia Roberts or Kate Winslet have the romantic evening out, while I watch on. 

From the desk of Maddy Richards who helps produce The Morning Show with Marcus Smith on BYU Radio.

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