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Do You 'Likey' the Mikey?

On the Matt Townsend Show we’re always up for a good time! One of our most recent shenanigans has been getting our very own producer, Mike Pond, married! Lucky for him a post on Matt’s Facebook page has gotten a huge response! 

Women from all over Utah are signing up on our “Mike Survey” (84 at our last count actually). This is basically just from seeing a picture of him and hearing him on the show. But I’m sure you want to know more! 

So, here you go. We picked his brain so you will know exactly what you’re getting into. 

Mike Pond (July 1990-present), is 23 years old, a current Geospatial Intelligence major and a Media Arts minor at Brigham Young University. He is expected to graduate December 2015. Mike is most famous for his recent posting on the Matt Townsend Facebook page, but has also been on the local news reporting sports, and at a junior police academy to fake arrest someone. In high school he was involved in 11 clubs (California Scholastic Federation, International Baccalaurean Student, Model UN, and Mock Trial, for example). But that’s boring compared to the sports he’s participated in, which include track and football - all four years (details here). But before he could charm the ladies with his biceps, he was an average kid raised in California. Oh, except for when he almost got kidnapped from a grocery cart. Or, when he was 3 years old and was sitting in his car seat and his mom ran into the house. While she was gone, the emergency brake slipped and the car went rolling down a steep hill and ran into a tree. Luckily, Mike is the type that is happy no matter what’s going on. When his Mom ran down the hill to the car, she found our little Mikey laughing and exclaiming - “again, again!” 

Mike hasn’t always been the golden boy he is now. He’s dealt with serious down turns in his life. His most notable embarrassing moment was when he was a sophomore in high school and tried to express his love in poems to his dream girl. The best part went, “Your eyes are like the never ending blue sky ….” But all that work was met with silence. He was sitting next to her in class (his heart broken by the cold shoulder she gave him), and he noticed her eyes were green … oops!  

He served his mission in Helsinki, Finland where he fought off a gun to his head, and an axe threat. That was nothing compared to eating Kalakukko (call-a-cook-oh) which is raw fish baked into bread. (See photo). So, don’t worry if you’re a bad cook.  He can handle anything. 

Well, if you’ve made it this far, you must really be interested in him. One thing, he says, that is important for any girl that wants to date him to know, is that he likes hockey, and he’s driven. Three words to describe him are intense, passionate, and funny (and that’s no joke!) He says everything he did in high school doesn’t really reflect who he is now. He wants to go to law school or work in media, and, get married. His dream is to find someone who is kind to everyone, has a good mom (not manipulative), and helps him to be better. Now, we’ve covered all the normal first date questions.  So … is it an “I do”? 

From the desk of Jessica Black who helps produce The Matt Townsend Show on BYU Radio.

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