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Taking the Weight off Weight

From the time I stepped onto the playground in First Grade I considered myself as one of the “bigger” girls. It’s just something I accepted at a young age and learned to live with. I didn’t have the body I wanted. I’m not overweight, but I would look at other girls and wish I had their body type. But I remember when it all changed. I got married and my husband looked at me and said, “You are so beautiful. I love your body.” That isn’t something you hear every day, especially when you are telling yourself the opposite of that! It hit me like a ton of bricks. Why had I never heard those words before from myself?  I was, to a degree, upset that I had waited my whole life to hear those words from someone else. I should have been telling myself that every day, rather than greeting my body with the usual disapproving look.

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At some point, each of us assesses how we measure up to everyone else’s body. And for most people, I imagine they are not happy with at least one part of their body. Look at what we have to compare ourselves to in the media! We are constantly bombarded with skinny technology-altered, perfect women. No one looks like those models. Not even those models look like those models after the editor airbrushes half their body away. But even skinny girls may feel they don’t have the body they want. The fact is, everybody is different, and that’s okay! We need to learn to love ourselves for who we are not what we look like. Don’t wait for someone else to tell you that your body is beautiful, or wait until you lose 10 pounds to tell yourself! Don’t let the weight that your body image has weigh you down. Learn to love your body for what it can do! Be willing to accept how amazing you are. Your body is the most amazing thing you will ever own. 

From the desk of Jessica Black, who helps produce The Matt Townsend Show on BYU Radio.

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