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The Happiest Place on Earth

by Maddy Richards, who helps produce The Morning Show, on BYU Radio

I just spent a week at the happiest place on Earth. Some people dislike Disneyland, but for me it holds all the magic and wonder that reality doesn’t have room for. My vacation was seven days, and three of them were spent in Disneyland and California Adventure, where I was acting like a 5 year old with my 13 and 16 year old sisters, who were also acting like 5 year olds! It made me appreciate the vision of Walt Disney, to create a place where everyone can return to childhood. 

Back in the real world I have to work, go to school, be a good roommate and friend, and also be a good sister and daughter to my family who live further away. In addition to all this, I have to remember to eat and shower, fulfill my church duties, and hopefully have time for some sleep. But for that blissful week at the “happiest place on earth,” I was a kid again. My main worries were whether to get a churro or a pretzel, which line was shorter, and which character was worth waiting to see. This all may seem very trivial to you, but there’s something magical about being a child again. And Disneyland is so good at bringing us back to that nicer time. 

I reveled in the wonder of the fireworks, the sweet and fun music playing everywhere, the excitement of children as they tugged on their parent’s hands, the smiles of every single worker, and the delight of my family, who I loved sharing the experience with.  

Maybe Disneyland isn’t your thing. But whatever it takes, find a way to be a little bit more like a child. And that, in and of itself, is the best vacation you can possibly take. 

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