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Climbing to New Heights

by Jessica Black, who helps produce The Matt Townsend Show, on BYU Radio

If you have ever scaled to the top of a mountain and looked out into the breathtaking scene of an untouched mountain side, then you know. You know that there is nothing that can keep you down. You’ve felt the power that is kept at the top of mountains. Only some can make it to the top, and once you do, you begin to feel untouchable. 

In life people are constantly trying to keep you down; if you climb higher than them, then they have to work harder and reach new heights. People want to stay with what’s comfortable, but there are a few of us who will never be satisfied with satisfactory. It is the people who climb, who stretch limits, and break records that will change the world. But more importantly, they will experience the world. 

Imagine yourself years from now. Are you financially stable? Are you happy? Are you free? Our lives come and go faster than we can comprehend. Our time is limited on this earth, and therefore, our lives should never be chained down by fear. Allow yourself to live. And when you do, you will find yourself on the top of mountains tasting the untouchable power that only comes through living. 

Photo credit: Monte Spallone

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