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Make Your Job Your Calling

by Jessica Black, who helps produce “The Matt Townsend Show" on BYU Radio

There are millions of jobs in this world and many young people feel pressure to choose one right after High School. I want to challenge that idea. I am graduating from college next week and I’m still changing my mind every day at what kind of job I should get. At first, I thought this was just me. But I've talked with my parents and Matt (of “The Matt Townsend Show”) about this, and it seems everyone has done a thousand different types of jobs. You don’t start off as a CEO of a company. You build your career just like your education, one step at a time. It’s okay if you take a job just to find out if you like that kind of work. Because in the end, your end goal should be to do something you love. This is when your job becomes your calling. When you decide that money doesn't matter, you can let go of the usual pressure people feel and be happy knowing that you are making a difference. 

I have my bachelor’s degree in communications; however, I have always loved doing secretary work. I love to be organized and welcome people. I love to make Excel spreadsheets and talk on the phone. I didn't need a bachelor’s degree to do that kind of work. I got my degree because I wanted to be the best I can. Now I’m doing a job I love, not one that I feel obligated to do. Everyone seems to think I’m crazy for taking a job that doesn't make a lot of money or doesn't have very many opportunities for advancement. But I like doing that job. It is becoming my calling in life, and yours can, too. Put aside the expectations people have. You can decide to be anything in this life. Just make sure it’s what you love and I know that you will be happy. 

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