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by Maddy Richards, who helps produce “The Morning Show” on BYU Radio

Easter is a beautiful time of the year when people reflect and ponder on their spirituality. I find it’s a time when more people are kinder than usual. I think it probably has something to do with the focus on what many believe Jesus Christ did for every person when he was alive.  

While not everyone may share the same beliefs on who Jesus Christ is, or what his life was, everyone can agree that there is room for more goodwill and kindness in the world. We get refueled at Christmas with reminders of good cheer and happiness. But I think Easter is another beautiful time to remember our neighbors, to call our family members and let them know we love them. I also think it’s a wonderful time for self-reflection and evaluation. 

Easter has passed, and now I’m back into the lull of routine and reality. However, I hope that we all can take this past weekend as a reminder of what’s truly important, and why it’s important. Without these reminders I think life would become monotonous and dull. As I connect with my spirituality, I find life more meaningful. 

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