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Friends and Roommates

by Maddy Richards, who helps produce “The Matt Townsend Show” on BYU Radio

Sometimes, roommates are tough. I’ve learned through experience that it’s better to not live with your best friends, if you actually want to stay friends with them. Some people are great to live with - you get along well, you’re at the same level of cleanliness and organization, and overall it’s just a good fit. But there are other friends who, quite honestly, are a nightmare to live with.

1. There are good and bad ways to deal with this good friend/bad roommate. Here are my suggestions:
2. Be polite and remember, your friendship is the most important thing.
3. Suggest some rules for everyone in the apartment: quiet hours, rules for dishes and laundry, etc.
4. Nicely remind the roommate a few times before a confrontation. Ask them politely to maintain the rules.
5. If necessary, have a sit-down apartment meeting where you discuss the issues. Avoid throwing out the phrase “You never do this,” or “You always do this.” This will cause the friend to feel like a victim.
6. Leave a note or a treat that lets the person know you appreciate their friendship. It will help meld the relationship.

Before you move in with your best friend, really evaluate and make sure your lifestyles are compatible. Some friendships can be ruined when they are too close. So, make a careful decision when contemplating your friend to roommate transition.

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