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Spring Snow

by Kim Stilson, “The Kim Power Stilson Show,” May 5, 2014: 

This morning I drove through a blur of white petals that looked like snow. I turned my windshield wipers on so I could see through the onslaught of sweet flowers.

Just a few weeks ago I was doing the same, but for snow. Now that winter has moved on and spring has arrived, I need to make a few adjustments in my life. The first is to switch the wool sweater for cotton shirts. Then, I’ll change out the plastic covers for soft cushions on the veranda furniture. The heat will be turned down for the AC to go on. I will move from frantically monitoring homework with the kids to frantically exploring ways to keep them busy over the summer. Even on the radio show there are a few changes. We will move from show topics like ice fishing to summer sailing, from winter crock pot cooking to summer BBQ.

The shifts happen each season and I enjoy the change. This morning, as I stepped out of my car and brushed away the petals like spring snow, I noticed that the air smelled sweetly of spring Lilacs instead of the frosty tar of winter, and I thought, "I am definitely ready to move on to spring!" 

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