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Campus Is Our Disneyland

by Julie Rose, head producer of “The Morning Show" on BYU Radio

 “I fell madly in love with BYU when I was just six or seven,” confessed new BYU President Kevin J. Worthen on The Morning Show last week. “When I could come to anything at BYU, it was like coming to Disneyland.”

BYU is like Disneyland for us at The Morning Show, too, but not for the manicured flower beds or mint brownies in the Cougareat.  This campus is a treasure trove of fascinating stories, expert insight and breakthrough discoveries. Just in the last few weeks we’ve met a BYU microbiologist who’s discovered an anti-bacterial substance that’ll kill even the strongest “super bug” and an engineer working with NASA on a giant solar panel that will fold like origami for transport into space.

We’ve tapped the expertise of top legal experts for help understanding the public lands standoff in Nevada, the U.S. Supreme Court ruling on prayer in government meetings, and the debate over whether Constitutional protections extends to your cell phone. They all happen to teach at the BYU Law School. 

We even had a BYU professor blow our minds with his explanation of how American politics and policy was shaped by the discovery of LSD’s hallucinogenic powers.

Sure, “The World is Our Campus.” But when it comes to bringing you engaging conversations and new insights on The Morning Show, we think our campus is as good as Disneyland!

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