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Family Story, Child Mobility, Team Building, and a YouTube Sensation

Here are some of the topics coming up this week on the “Kim Power Stilson Show” (3pm Eastern/1pm Mountain)

Tues., June 24:

Tom North, the author of “Yours Mine and Ours,” shares his personal story about the famous film made in 1968, then remade in 2005, about two families merging together to have a total of 18 children. Did you know this story was based on a real family? Award-winning author and speaker, Tom North, was one of the kids in this crazy family. Though, according to him, it wasn’t one big happy family, as the movies depicted.  

Wed., June 25: 

Debby Einatan, founder of Upsee, shares her story about the mobility device that lets children with motor impairment stand and walk with the help of an adult.  

Pam McMurtry, the Holiday Diva, will share some ideas on ”Prairie Princesses and Pioneers.” 

Thurs., June 26: 

Jessica Frech, YouTube sensation and singer-songwriter, will share her story and her EP of songs with inspiration messages about doing good in the world.  

Fri., June 27:

Dr. Rob Bogosian, founder of RVB Associates which drives results oriented coaching, will talk about helping leaders and teams build potential.  

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