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My Dad Is Better than a Sitcom Dad

by Maddy Richards, who helps produce “The Matt Townsend Show” on BYU Radio

Here are tweleve reasons why my dad is better than a sitcom or celebrity dad: 

1. He isn’t clueless! Most sitcom dads have no idea what is going on in their kids’ lives, and it’s horrible.

2. He actually disciplined me. None of this go to your room and come out five minutes later, and everything’s ok. 

3. He didn’t fight with my mom. Of course my parents fight just like normal people, but not to the degree we see in sitcoms these days.

4. He goes to work. I swear sitcom dads don’t actually do anything. It’s ridiculous.

5. He didn’t try to kill my boyfriends. He talked to me privately and so lovingly about how boys should treat me. It was wonderful!

6. He didn’t check out other women. Ever.

7. He didn’t have to be the funny one. He knew what lines to not cross, what was too mean to be funny, and never tried to hurt our family.

8. He didn’t name me something really dumb just because he could. He wanted to, but didn’t.

9. He respects me, enough to treat me like an adult. He has for as long as I can remember. He doesn’t bad-mouth our family in front of anyone, doesn’t complain about the things we’re doing that annoy him.

10. The house didn’t fall apart when he was in charge.

11. He made a great effort to make sure I felt loved.

12. He’s real. 

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