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Lives of Children, Badges and Beards, Flying Trapeze

How Important Is Imagination in the Lives of Children?, Badges and Beards, Flying Trapeze and Fight Disease

Here's what's coming up this week on the Kim Power Stilson Radio Show! (3pm Eastern/1pm Mountain)

Wed., July 16th – “Imagination in the Lives of Children”

How important is imagination in the lives of children? According to artist entrepreneur Chad Davis, and international author, Leslie Neilson, it is very important! They have joined forces to produce a children’s book titled IMAGINE DREAMS, IMAGINE MAGIC. I-MAGI-NATION, a book designed to empower children, and open up unlimited possibilities. Find out why they are so passionate about this book and this cause today. 

Thurs., July 17th - “Badges and Beards”

First, Father and Son, Jim and Jay Padar, talk about what it’s really like to be a police officer, and their latest book entitled On Being a Cop. Then facial air expert, Pogonologist Dr. Allan Peterkin, joins the show to talk about the history of facial hair! 

Fri., July 18th - “Flying Trapeze and Fight Disease”

First, a PHD in natural health talks about how she got into Flying Trapeze! Then, holistic health educator Helayne Waldman, talks about what people can do nutritionally to fight off cancer.


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