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How to Make a Professional First Impression

by Maddy Richards, who helps produce "The Matt Townsend Show" on BYU Radio

1. DRESS THE PART. If you’re going in for an interview, or on the first day of class, or a business dinner, DRESS THE PART. Especially the shoes. This includes clean fingernails, clean hair, etc.

2. Be polite to everyone, especially the secretary! They probably have a bigger say than you would imagine.


4. Smile a lot. This gives them the impression that you have a positive attitude.

5. Eye contact!

6. Put your phone away.

7. Make the first move and find a connection!

8. Come prepared with knowledge about the company and good questions to ask at the end of the interview.

9. DON’T SAY “UM,” “ER,” or “LIKE.”

10. Use correct grammar in speech and in writing.

11. Say “please,” “thank you,” etc. Also, know their name and repeat it!!!

12. Talk yourself up without being arrogant.

13. Convince yourself before you go into the interview that you are good enough, or you’ll never convince them.

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