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"Foodie Week" on the Kim Power Stilson Show

In honor of “Foodie Week” on the Kim Power Stilson Radio Show, we will start with a Seafood entrée, and end with a delicious dessert! First Chef Ivan Flowers joins the show, bringing 25 years of fine cuisine experience to the table, in addition to great seafood tips, with his philosophy of “Boat to Table.” Then self-made millionaire and winner of Food Network’s Cupcake Wars, Elfie Weiss, joins the show to talk about desserts as owner of Hotcakes bakery!

We are all about Summer Cooking! The former Executive Chef of New York’s Famed Waldorf-Astoria Chef John Doherty comes on to talk sauce savvy for Summer along with secrets to perfectly grilled meats! Then Kim Hanna CEO and Founder of, shares camp recipes that go far beyond the typical hot dogs and beans.

Continuing “Foodie Week” on the Kim Power Stilson Show, we are going international while talking about sushi and hummus! Yuen Yung, CEO of custom sushi shop "How Do You Roll?" accompanies Kim to share how he is taking sushi to a whole new level including non-traditional options of chicken, waffles, or beef in your rolls! Also on the show, Blake Wollman, Chick (pea) Magnet and owner of "The Wild Pea Hummous, shares the health benefits of eating hummus and what makes his company unique.

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