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Things That Scare You

“Things That Scare You Week”

This week on the Kim Power Stilson Radio Show (3pm Eastern/1pm Mountain) we are sharing the stories of really cool humans who do things that you might find a little scary, you might not, but then again you will never know until you listen!

Mon., Aug. 11:  “Sharks!”

Surfs Up! Got your shark suit on? Today shark safety surfpreneur & professional surfer Veronica Greyof joins us! In addition to being a great surfer, she is known for her efforts to clean the ocean, for inventing the first shark repellent products, and appearing on more network TV interviews than any other surfer alive! Find out about her exciting life and her latest cause.

Tues., Aug 12: “UFO’s and Mothman!”

Travis Shortt is no stranger to the world of paranormal, developing an early interest in UFO’s and hauntings. Today, this paranormal researcher/documentary filmmaker will talk about a legendary moth-like creature reportedly seen in West Virginia in the in 1960’s, called Mothman. Learn about this legend and what has been discovered since.

Wed., Aug 13: “Lions!”

If you were face to face with a lion, would you be scared? Today, to continue “things that scare you week,” we will be talking about lions, with CEO of Born Free Foundation USA, and in the UK, Adam M. Roberts. Though the scariest part of the show isn’t the lions themselves, the real scare is, that the African Lion is currently facing the danger of extinction. Learn what’s threatening these strong creatures, and what can be done today.

Thurs., Aug 14: “Bigfoot & Bronies!”

Things that might scare you can come in all shapes and sizes. Whether they are “Big” or “little” sometimes makes no difference at all. First, Zane Torgeson joins the show to talk about his experience with the one and only BIG FOOT. Next, David Halliday, the leader of the BYU Bronies (a group of people who like the show “My Little Pony”), joins the show to share their really cool story, with special guest Dr. Wolf. You may or may not be too scared of Bronies, but we wanted to get them on the show. Have a little fun with us today.

Fri., Aug 15: Exotic Animal Experts

Two exotic animal experts are featured on the show as part of our “things that scare you week!” First, Tim Harrison, Director of Outreach for Animals, will talk about his award-winning documentary, “The Elephant in the Living Room,” that explores the “controversial American sub-culture of raising the most dangerous animals as common household pets.” Then, Animal Expert, David Enden will talk about his work with big exotic cats.

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