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10 Things Boys Should Learn Before Leaving the Nest

by Alyssa Banks, who helps produce “The Matt Townsend Show”

I decided to share with y’all a list of things I think all boys should be taught by their parents: 

1. How to treat a lady. A man who treats a girl well will never be out of style. 

2. How to play sports. Take that for what you will. 

3. How to participate in something they aren’t confident with. Whether he gets a little anxious singing in front of people, or he can’t stand playing pickup basketball, a boy should be taught to go outside his comfort zone and become confident with new activities. 

4. How to be a self-starter. It can be ever so tempting to be lazy and let things pass by without becoming much of anything. Being a self-starter will help with finishing daily tasks and accomplishing big goals. 

5. How to present himself. The world is becoming more technologically savvy, which means it’s more common to meet people who can’t carry a conversation face to face. The skill of presenting himself well will prove handy in more than a few situations. 

6. How to make a few meals. 

7. How to deal with his emotions in a positive way. Many boys are taught not to cry or show their emotions because it isn’t macho to be emotional. I’m not saying boys need to learn how to cry. However, boys have emotions they need to talk about, too. Learning to cope with them will prove to be helpful. 

8. How to be happy for others. It’s easy to get caught up with jealousy, especially when the next big thing is always coming out, and people around us are constantly doing well. If a boy is taught to be happy for others’ successes, he’ll be a great friend and solid man ready to take on anything. 

9. How to dream and take risks. Not everything needs to be perfectly planned. 

10. How to drop everything and have a good time. Work, school and life in general get stressful. Having the ability to take a step back and enjoy time with family and friends can be the thing that cures the sting.

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