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Eight Ways to Help You Win in Life

by Alyssa Banks, a regular contributor on the Matt Townsend Show.

This week, we’re hosting Jeopardy! winner, Ken Jennings. In honor of him coming on the show, I wanted to focus on winning.

8 Ways to Help You Win in Life:

1. Wake up smiling. Okay, so that isn’t completely realistic, but when you wake up and realize you aren’t smiling, go ahead and show off those pearly whites. I’ve found it to be so much easier to enjoy my day when I’m smiling to deal with it. Issues seem to bring less stress when I’m smiling. Whether you believe it or not, I challenge you to try it.

2. Say ‘thank you’ to people: Expressing your gratitude helps others feel important, but it also helps you focus on the goodness that happens in your life on a daily basis. Your gratitude directly relates to your happiness.

3. Stop worrying about what other people think. There are endless lists of characteristics, belongings, and mannerisms you can change about yourself if you want to impress everyone you meet. Instead of enjoying the way your life is and loving yourself, you spend all your time thinking what the next person will think. This is a bad way to feel content with your life, though. Give yourself a break, and STOP.

4. Exercise. Not for your family or your friends or the next attractive person that walks by. Do it for yourself. This will not only keep you fit, but it will make you feel better emotionally and physically. It will also assist with the next to-do list you have to face since exercising typically gives people more energy.

5. Keep work at work. There’s always something more you can work on when you walk in the door to your home. Make a distinction between work and home, though. Spend time with your family, and give them your undivided attention. The time will present itself to finish your work (at work) when you realize you can’t bring it home.

6. Set goals. This sometimes seems like just another item on your to-do list. However, setting goals, and striving to achieve them, can bring a sense of satisfaction.

7. Let it go. Don’t let old grudges and arguments fester. The anger hurts you more than it hurts the person you’re upset with. Learn to let things go, and you’ll be amazed at how happy you become.

8. Say ‘I love you’ often: Say ‘I love you’ to the people you truly care about. People count on the latest conversation more than they count on your relationship status, meaning you can’t just say, “She’s my wife. She knows I care about her.” You need to show her that you care rather than assume that she already knows.

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