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How to Deal with Stress

September 2nd marked the first day of school for BYU students. With that comes all the worries and to-do’s with first days back at school. Here are 5 ways to deal with the stress:

1. Write everything down. Many of my worries come from forgetting the to-do’s I’ve built up in my head. When you think of another to-do, don’t brush it off thinking you’ll remember when you have time. Write it down. While your to-do list will be longer, it will also be more obvious that you’re getting things done as you continuously mark things off.

2. Learn to say no. When you have plenty of items on your plate, saying yes to every favor others ask of you can turn into an overwhelming list of to-do’s quickly.

3. Take time to meditate. According to the Huffington Post, meditating for five minutes each day can increase your attention span. A better ability to focus on tasks will increase your efficiency and lower your stress level.

4. Plan ahead. This gives you more room for error. When you realize you need to turn in a project, finish a paper and participate in an extracurricular activity on a certain day, planning ahead gives you the ability to complete everything and also put 100% into each aspect of your life. The alternative would be scrambling to complete both the project and paper and also missing out on some much needed relaxation time.

5. Talk to a trusted family member or friend. Sometimes blowing off a little steam is healthy and necessary. Find someone you can trust, and tell them how you’re feeling. Be careful not to dwell on the issue. Get your feelings out, and move on. Don’t let your worries control you.

From the desk of Alyssa Banks of “The Matt Townsend Show”

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