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What to Do Before the Snow Starts Falling

Believe it or not, the snow will be here before we know it.  Here are a few last-minute ideas to squeeze into your schedule before the cold weather hits.

1. Go on a hike. While here in Utah is probably the "Mecca" for amazing scenery, there are beautiful walks in every city and town. Take advantage of it.

2. Visit a park. The options are endless here. Bring a backyard game, (bocce, croquet, frisbee, football) fly a kite, walk your dog, or just take a seat, and enjoy the weather.

3. Have a picnic. Pull out the checkered blanket and wicker basket, and relax on some green grass.

4. Teach your kids how to play a game from your childhood. Maybe they’ll prefer kick the can over video games.

5. Run around a high school track four times in a row (1 mile). If it’s too hot to enjoy your run during the day, plan to run when the sun goes down.

6. If you do live in Utah, shop at City Creek, and eat at an outdoor table. Or in your town, find a fun place that lets you eat outside.  There’s no need to hurt your wallet. Window shopping will do, but if you must, splurge on that coveted item you've wanted for months.

7. Watch a movie at the drive in. Pop some popcorn, and bring your own candy to enjoy a fun family night at the drive in.

8. Visit your local zoo. Lather on the sunscreen, and get the kids excited to learn about new animals.

9. Play with sidewalk chalk. Make the world’s longest hopscotch, or settle with doodling all over the driveway. Either way, get out and enjoy the beautiful weather.

10. Make an outdoor obstacle course. Yes, you can challenge your husband or wife even if you’re 40. You’ve heard of mud runs. It’ll just be a more exciting way to fit in some exercise for the day.

11. Have a fire, and roast marshmallows up a canyon. Or the beach.  Or the riverfront.  Whatever your town offers. Playing ghosts in the graveyard wouldn’t hurt either.

12. (Bonus) And just in case you’re upset about Utah weather kicking in soon, remember you can look forward to the snowy winters filled with hot chocolate, snowmen, sledding, movies, blankets, and skiing.

From the desk of Alyssa Banks, who helps produce “The Matt Townsend Show”

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