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The Etiquette of Breaking Up

This week on “The Matt Townsend show” we’re hosting relationship expert Vinita Mehta. She’ll talk about our generation’s inability to create lasting relationships. This week, I decided to assist you with one of life’s many sticky situations.

The Etiquette of Breaking Up:

1. Don’t beat around the bush. Be straight to the point by using words that communicate your feelings clearly. It can be hard to tell someone you don’t want to be with them anymore. While it’s tough to end the relationship so bluntly, it will be better for both of you to communicate your feelings clearly before ending the relationship.

2. Let the other person express their feelings. Getting your point across is important, but both people in the relationship want to be heard and understood. Try to listen to the other person’s concerns, so you can establish closure before going your separate ways.

3. Be fair to the other person by speaking with them in private and when they have enough time to speak with you without becoming distracted. 

4. Don’t email, text, Facebook message, tweet or call your significant other to break the news to them. People deserve to speak face to face for such an emotionally taxing topic and conversation.

5. Make sure you will be happier ending the relationship than staying with the person. Sometimes people become frustrated and jump to the idea of breaking up with someone before thinking about it. Break up with the person for a legitimate reason not just due to a juvenile argument you don’t want to work out.

6. Do it sooner rather than later. People often wait for the perfect time to break up. The truth is, there is no perfect time. You don’t want to get in a complicated and confusing stage where you start acting awkward when the other person wants to hang out or go on a date. Just cut the cord, and move on.

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