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Getting Organized

With the school year in full-swing, you, your kids and friends are all working to develop an efficient and organized schedule. Here are a few tips to help you do so.

by Alyssa Banks of the Matt Townsend Show

1. Use a planner. Stop writing things on random sticky notes. You know you’ll forget about or lose them eventually. Use your phone calendar, an app or pick up an “old-fashioned” planner from the store. Just make sure all your thoughts and to-do’s are organized in one place.

2. Plan your week. At the beginning of each week, sit down and think of the goals you’d like to accomplish. Don’t just write these goals down. Prioritize them alphabetically or numerically, so the next time you look at your list, you don’t have to look at it for a few minutes to determine what you should work on. You just go to the number one or letter a, and get started.

3. Clean your space. Designate a space you want to clean each day of the week. It could be your desk, room, drawer or a closet (or even just a couple shelves in your closet). Don’t get overwhelmed by trying to tackle other cleaning projects. Finish the goal you set for the day, and keep this space clean throughout the week.

4. Assume you’ll forget. It’s easy to think you’ll remember to finish a small task when it’s all you’re thinking about. Avoid forgetting the small details, that indeed mean a lot, by setting yourself reminders throughout the day. This is typically different than calendaring events because these items are the small things you plan to do but never actually accomplish.

5. Take a mental trip through your day. When it comes to planning, sometimes it helps me to mentally go through a day, and make sure I’ve covered everything. For example, picture yourself right after your alarm goes off in the morning, which may actually remind you to set your alarm for the next day. What do you do? Are the clothes you want to wear clean and ironed? Do you have the food you need for breakfast and grabbing a lunch for the office? Have you completed the promises you made to others the day before? This system helps me to double check my list and make sure I haven’t left anything out.

6. Just do it. Enough with the planning and organizing. You can only do so much. Get busy, and follow through with the things you chose to complete.

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