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10 Ways to Rejuvenate Over the Weekend

by Alyssa Banks, who helps produce "The Matt Townsend Show."

The world is hectic and chaotic. It’s almost become a necessity to schedule relaxation time for yourself if you expect to slow down for a few minutes. Here are some ways to improve your productivity for the upcoming week. Choose a couple, and enjoy your week!

1. Write in a journal about recent exciting events in your life.

2. Read a book that you’ve been meaning to read.

3. Spend time with family.

4. Let yourself “binge” watch episodes of your favorite television series.

5. Sleep in.

6. Write down things that bothered you throughout the week. Destroy the paper you wrote on, and throw it away. Let those things go.

7. Wander around your hometown, with no time limit. Go where your feet take you, and enjoy the time you have. 

8. Call a friend you haven’t spoken with recently.

9. Look in the mirror, and say five things you love about yourself. If you can’t think of five, ask a close friend or relative for help. You definitely have five positive traits the world sees that you might have missed.

10. Do something to celebrate fall and the holiday season. This could mean decorating a room in your home or sipping a mug of hot chocolate with a loved one.

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