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8 Easy Ways to Spend Time with Your Children

by Alyssa Banks, who helps produce "The Matt Townsend Show"

“8 Easy Ways To Spend Time With Your Children”

1. Build a fort. I don’t know one person who looks back on their childhood regretting the blanket forts they made. Don’t let your children go without this.

2. Go to a play together. My family is more naturally interested in sports and competitive activities, but my parents made sure to take us to cultural events as well. This gave us experience in both sports and the arts.

3. Turn up the radio driving home from school, and rock out to your child’s favorite song with them. I loved when my parents got as excited as I did about the songs I loved.

4. Play hide-and-seek with them. Don’t go easy on them. They can tell when you do.

5. Play pretend. Everyone needs an escape from this world. Why not escape it with your own adorable minions?

6. Talk to them. Ask them about their day. Discover what makes them happy and sad. It’ll help the two of you bond, and maybe you’ll even learn something from them.

7. Read bedtime stories with them. This doesn’t have to be just for the little ones. As my siblings and I got older, my parents would read us “chapter books.” I remember the “American Girl Doll” books and “Harry Potter series the most vividly.

8. Say “I love you.” If there’s one thing a child needs, it’s the knowledge that they’re cared for and appreciated. Let your children know they matter to you.

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