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New Year Reflection

by Abbie Horlacher, who helps produce "Highway 89" on BYU Radio

It appears that 2014 was a great year here at Highway 89. 

From rocking with the Lawn Darts and the National Parks to studio field trips with the Utah Wind Symphony and The American Piano Quartet, this year has been full of adventures, laughter, and amazing music. We’ve giggled, serenaded, and caroled our way through 52 episodes with some of the most talented musicians that Utah (and the rest of the nation!) has to offer.

Instead of a traditional end of the year look-back on what we learned in 2014, this year we’d like to share with you a first of the year look-forward towards the future and the upcoming year. The future is bright and full of possibilities for growth, experience, and happiness! Few times are more important than the beginning of a new year because of its opportunities and goal-setting potential. Here at Highway 89 we have some goals for the upcoming year that we’d like to share with you:

1. We will invite 52 amazing artists (at least!) to our studio this year.

2. We will continue to keep our shows funny, engaging, and full of interesting facts and stories.

3. We will make more delicious pies to share with our artists. (See our episode with Grammy-winning David Holt and Josh Goforth)

4. We will keep host Steven Kapp Perry away from said pies, at the request of his wife! (We’re not helping his diet, apparently.)

5. We will give you, our listeners, another fantastic year of the very best live music on Highway 89.

Now with our eyes turned towards this New Year, we can’t wait for 52 new episodes, and 52 more chances to share with you our passion for music. 2015 is open and ready for the best we have to offer and we’ll make it our best year yet. We look forward to seeing you here on Utah’s Most Scenic Musical Byway.

With Love,

The HIGHWAY 89 Team:

Jackie Tateshi, Producer

Mark Wait, Recording Engineer

Steven Kapp Perry, Host

Abbie Horlacher, Associate Producer


The Lawn Darts

The National Parks 

The Utah Wind Symphony

The American Piano Quartet

David Holt and Josh Goforth

All of our 2014 episodes

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