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A Day on the Matt Townsend Show Set

Welcome to a day in the life of the Matt Townsend Show team. Perhaps the Matt Townsend Show isn’t on the same level as a Hollywood blockbuster, but for those who listen, Matt is always endearing, witty and fun to listen to on-air. While all of these things are true, he is the first one to remind us that what is happening behind-the-scenes is just as important as what is happening live on air. Because, like in Hollywood, what is happening backstage is really what creates the magic on screen.

Fortunately, being a producer for Matt Townsend is the best job, ever. He may well be the greatest boss in the world, or so Matt says. Our team is made up of a head producer-Terry South-who helps all of the student producers do their job right. The board-op runs the technical operations during the morning show, and the student producers help book guests and put together segments. We work with Matt and Terry to find different types of guests under different genre’s like business, psychology, world news, and human interest stories. We all do a lot of digging into stories that we think could add something to the show and the lives of those listening. The producers then send the idea to Matt and Terry and if they like it, we go ahead and search all over the world wide web until we can find contact information for the guest which we then use to try and book them for the show.

As producers, booking guests is always exciting. You see, our entire team shares a Google calendar that has the dates and times of the segments that we can fill in with our guests. It’s a really great system until you realize that you have emailed a guest about a time, they’ve agreed, and then later find out that another producer has already filled that exact time slot. Then you have to start over with that guest which makes us feel both exasperated and nervous. But eventually, we find a day that works for both the show and the desired guest, get them put on the calendar and discuss topics that might come up for the interview. Then, a few days before the interview, you create a set-up sheet for the interview which is basically just a big paper that gives Matt all the necessary information for the interview and some possible questions to ask. That goes to Matt the morning before the show, and then Matt works his magic to make the interview interesting and exciting to listen to.

While listening to the morning show, you can learn a lot about Matt and you may come to find some really strange things about him. During the end of the last hour, Matt likes to collaborate with the Sports Nation folks and talk with them. Most of what they talk about is completely ad-libbed, or made up on the spot. A few weeks ago, if you were tuning in, Matt and Sports Nation talked about what types of emotional pets they would have if they could. Apparently, he told us all he would pick a goat, because what isn’t soothing about a goat, right? You can always count on Matt to keep things weird during the show.

Working as a producer for The Matt Townsend Show is fun, exciting, crazy, and rewarding. We love that our listeners care about the topics that are chosen, and all of us on the Matt Townsend Show team hope to continue to make things both engaging and weird for you all.

-Caitlin Thomas, The Matt Townsend Show Student Producer


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