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What is Top Of Mind?

There is a lot that can't be said in 140 characters. In an age when ideas are reduced to memes, tweets and vanishing Snapchats, it's good to find a place where we dig deep for intelligent, thoughtful, in-depth analysis of the issues people are talking about.

Recently, Julie Rose talked to an investigative journalist who worked on the Panama Papers investigation that had international leaders squirming about their personal investments. And noted Harvard Business School professor Clayton Christensen defended his famous theory of "Disruptive Innovation." And we found out that opera diva Reneé Fleming loves jazz and isn't afraid of making "horrible" sounds when she practices. 

But we also chat with people who teach us lessons we didn't even know we needed to learn. Take for example, the guy pictured above, Prof. Byron Adams of Biology here at BYU. He was just back from a couple months in Antarctica and explained that we can learn a lot from nematodes about surviving changes in climate. Or how to launch yourself back into the workplace​ after taking significant time off: look for an internship, or a "returnship," as one of our guests calls it. 

 These conversations go beyond the soundbite. Join us weekdays from 5-7 pm ET for a new look at the world around you. If it's top of mind, we'll talk about it. ​

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