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Worlds Awaiting Book Review - Silver in the Blood

BOOK REVIEW – from Rachel Wadham, host of “Worlds Awaiting”

Silver in the Blood by Jessica Day George, Bloomsbury USA, 2015.

In 1890, cousins Dacia and Lou are darlings of New York society, but their world changes on a trip to Romania. Meeting their mother’s estranged relatives the girls uncover long held secrets about their families’ supernatural abilities. At the center of a prophecy that connects their family to the Dracula’s, the girls expose a plot designed to unseat the king and place their families on the throne. With little knowledge of the history that binds them, the girls must learn whom they can trust as they come to terms with their newly discovered powers. Supported by unexpected allies both inside and outside of the family the girls find it is up to them to save the country from ruin.

Dacia and Lou are spunky characters that bring with them the fashion and flair of the progressive era with a touch of modern awareness thrown in. The rich Romanian setting has a romantic sensibility that is focused on castles and countrysides that will read as familiar to readers of authors like Bray, Carriger, Trent, Wrede, and Stevermer. Letters and diary entries begin each chapter, lending flavor to the 19th century setting and providing emotional insight into the characters. The range of supporting characters adds flair to the plot and keeps the conflict and suspense high as readers tease out the good from the evil right along with the girls. Ending with good triumphant and a little hint at romance, this novel leaves readers ready to follow these girls into their next adventure.

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