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Pitching Yourself: Tips on How to Encourage Employers to Look At You

"For the entire year as I had moved from the Middle East, I was really thinking about, how can I show these companies that I would fit in, even though I'm coming from a different market, from a smaller size company, that I could still fit in here? A year later I realized I was going about it all wrong. What I should have done is think about how I would stick out, rather then fit in; more the unique values I could bring as Nina rather than Candidate X. That's where I was able to guide the conversation."  - Nina Mufleh

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Matt talks with Nina Mufleha marketing and communication specialist who is focused on moving companies and organizations onto the digital space to connect with and engage their consumers. She is the co-founder and former Director of Client Strategy at The Online Project where she developed social strategies for Fortune 500 companies and high profile organizations operating in the Middle East and North Africa.

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