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What You Think You Know About Surviving a Bear Encounter is Probably Wrong

If you encounter a bear in the woods, DO NOT PLAY DEAD unless it's already mauling you (and you're probably gonna die anyway). If you encounter a bear in the woods, DO NOT RUN (it will catch you and eat you). If you encounter a bear in the woods, stand your ground and reach for your bear spray. BEAR SPRAY people, this is your best chance for survival. Also, don't lather your body in strawberry delight lotion and don't pitch your tent on a trail, or you're asking for a bear to check you out. And when you come around a bend into a spot where a bear is hanging out, clap your hands and let the bear know you're coming so he isn't surprised. Bears hate surprises. You could sing opera on the trail, which would let the bear know you're coming, but it might get you killed by a highly-annoyed researcher like BYU prof and former National Park Service biologist Tom Smith. Smith has been studying bear encounters for decades. He knows his stuff and doesn't mince words and if you spend a lot of time in bear country, you need to listen to this interview now on BYUradio. Plus, you will laugh. Click here to listen to the interview.

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