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Teach Your Team to Expect Success

"The key to setting a vision is to start the conversation as a leader, and to see from where the people are standing rather than where you're standing. What's their vantage point? What do they see from where their sitting right now? Are you talking about something that is relevant and exciting to them? 

You can get all fired up about the finish line, but until you recognize where your people are at, you won't accomplish anything. You're going to miss the mark. Once you explain your vision to your employees, you have to reinforce it, and often. Don't just plant the seed, water it and let your employees help tend to it. The more you reinforce the vision. the more your people will be trying to accomplish it, even when you're gone." 

- Christina Curtis

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Matt talks with Christina Curtis, a leader who incorporates research and theoretical applications into her work as a Leadership & Executive Coach. Her experience spans Fortune 500 companies, Olympic Athletes, as well as individuals looking to advance their careers and achieve their goals. Christina writes a blog for Psychology Today, and wrote the article we’re discussing today “teach your team to expect success” published in Harvard Business Review. Expectations play a huge role in success. You may expect success for your business, group or family. But unless they believe it too, you won’t get very far. Christina Curtis explains how to ‘teach your team to expect success’.

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