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The Ambitious Woman

" 'Ambitious' in the dictionary means someone who has a strong desire to succeed, someone who eagerly seeks to succeed. So if you want to be successful, you have to be ambitious. When men are in the corporate world, and they're getting to the top, and they're strong and make decisions, people will say, wow, that's a really ambitious man! Good for him! But then you get a woman that has those same traits, and people say, wow, she's really bossy. She's power-hungry and thinks she's all that. That's the mentality I'm trying to change, and I include several examples of that in my book, The Ambitious Woman." 

Esther Spina 

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Matt talks with Esther Spina, also known as “The Ambitious Woman”. She has become widely known for her amazing achievements made in the business world. Going from being a beginning employee to a National Consultant for Ambit Energy in just three years, Spina has mastered the art of goal setting. Recently, Spina published a book titled “The Ambitious Woman” and currently heads a mentoring club specifically geared toward helping women to set and achieve effective goals in their lives. A successful business woman and master of her art, Esther Spina joins us today to talk about how her vision of who she wanted to be became her reality.

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