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Traveling to Zion National Park

The world is full of beautiful landscapes, but for me there are few views more jaw dropping than Zion National Park. When you’re down in the canyon the colors jump out at you! Those reds, oranges, and greens…all standing out against the bright blue sky. At the park I’m always looking up which makes me think of other things I look up to. For example: people! Like many, I look up to my parents. Some may look up to their grandparents, a professor, an athlete, chef, author… it could be anyone really!

One of the popular things to do in the park is the hike up to Angel’s Landing. It’s a difficult hike with steep drop-offs and narrow paths. There’s even a chain you have to hold on to at one point! Once you get to the top though the view is reward enough. Now that you’re at the top, you get a different perspective. It made me look back on my own life and reflect on how I got to where I am. What challenges I went through and what shaped me into the person I am today. When I was going through these things it was difficult and I didn’t know why I was going through them. Looking back now though I see why I went through those things, just like the canyon had to endure the pressures of nature to be shaped into the beautiful Zion National Park.

Whatever your reason for visiting the park, you won’t be sorry. I have never been disappointed! I always leave the park a little sore and a little bit more grateful for the people in my life and for who I am- usually with some new self-improvement goals too.

Visit the park and take a moment to think of the people you look up to and to look back on your own life story!

From the desk of Maren Owen, a producer of Traveling with Eric Dowdle on BYU Radio.

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