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Traveling to Newport Beach

Small town diners, waves crashing outside your window, feeling the sand between your toes, it all sounds pretty idyllic. And let’s face it- it is. Growing up with the beach in your backyard is a fantasy many little kids have. Especially when it’s Newport Beach that’s right next door. There’s always something going on from biking down the boardwalk to a local art exhibit. Newport has something for everyone.

Balboa Island is a favorite destination for many. All you have to do is take the ferry over and you’re just a short walk away from their famous Balboa Bars. It’s vanilla ice cream in the shape of a square, dipped in chocolate. You even have the choice of rolling it in nuts, Oreos, sprinkles, or anything else delicious! Thank goodness you can bike around afterwards…

If you happen to be there during the Christmas holiday, be sure to check out their famous boat parade. Every year yachts, boats, kayaks, and canoes are elaborately decorated and paraded around the harbor. It’s something you won’t want to miss.

Be sure to mark this town on your California “must visit” list. Relaxing on the beach alone speaks for itself! Take time to enjoy the beautiful views and a tasty treat.

From the desk of Maren Owen, a producer of Traveling with Eric Dowdle on BYU Radio.

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