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Tips for a Green Holiday

Is the tree up at your house? Wreath on the door? Poinsettias by the hearth? Let’s get some tips on how to keep your holidays green and your indoor plants thriving until spring, when you can head back out to the flower beds.

Thanksgiving Point’s expert gardener Michael Caron offers simple tips to keep your Christmas tree fresh through the holiday and your poinsettias blooming into the New Year. 

Did you know poinsettias will bloom for months if you water them right and keep them away from the doors or heating vents? This simple trick will get your poinsettias blooming bolder and longer. 

Water is the key to a bright and festive holiday: A fresh Christmas tree needs to be sitting in a gallon of water at all times and never dry out. But your poinsettias need to be doused in the sink and then allowed to dry out between watering. 

Did you know that your big indoor houseplants need an occasional shower? Put them in the tub and give them a good soaking, then let them dry out fully before watering again.

Need more tips to keep your trees and flowers blooming? Listen to the whole conversation on Top of Mind here!

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