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One thing is very certain -- technology and how we use it today has expanded the concept of what a “book” is. A book certainly no longer needs to be printed on paper, but it can apply to technology in exciting and interesting ways. One of these applications that I love to follow are book to app transitions. This category is essentially a book or book character that has been recreated into an app.  Sometimes these apps just take the book and put it in an app, making it more of an e-book. Sometimes app creators take the book a step further and add magical things that print books can’t do, thus making the book interactive. Some apps just take the character or premise of a book and make a whole new application. 

No matter the form, these apps are exciting and take books to a whole new level. Now don’t get me wrong, not all apps are created equal and some of these are big misses. And, in all honesty, sometimes you just have to try them to see if they offer the kind of experience you want. Also, the reality is that most of the really great ones cost a little money, so you have to spend a bit to get them. But, in the end, there are those that are worth it. 

My personal recommendations are Sandra Boynton’s book apps. Boynton is an amazing artist who is well known for her outstanding board books. She has taken four of her classic books and put the stories into apps. The apps recreate the book experience with a two-page spread where the user has to turn the page. And, they include fun interactive elements where the characters move or items are added. All the interactives fit really well with the story and make sense for what is going on. So, there is another nice layer to the story without being distracting. Boynton’s books also include narration so the book can be read for you or you can read it yourself. Add in some subtle music and you have created a fun interactive app that is right for the kind of kids who love her board books. So, if you are like us here on Worlds Awaiting and you also like to look for new kinds of books, maybe it’s time to check out the apps on your phone or tablet to see what kinds of new reading experiences await you.


By Rachel Wadham, Host of Worlds Awaiting

Check out Sandra Boyton’s apps here:



At Worlds Awaiting we discuss a wide range of information aimed at supporting adults who want to build literacy skills in their children.   We understand that there is no “one size fits all” approach when it comes to children’s development, so the information we provide is intended to reach a wide audience. The books and other resources we recommend will also naturally cover a wide range of interests and subject matter that addresses a range of maturity, reading, and comprehension levels.  Since no one understands a child’s needs better than their caretakers, we encourage families to critically select the books and resources that meet their own individual needs and standards.

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