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Book Review: “The Sisters Grimm: Fairy Tale Detectives” by Michael Buckley

This May, Michael Buckley is celebrating the tenth anniversary of The Sisters Grimm by releasing new editions of the first three books in the series. There will be minor edits to the story, without changing the storyline, as well as brand new cover art.


The Sisters Grimm: The Fairy-Tale Detectives is the first novel in the series. It’s a coming-of-age story about two girls whose parents have gone missing, and the girls are now forced to lived with a woman claiming to be their grandmother. As decedents of the famous Brother Grimm, the girls take on the family business as fairy tale detectives. The fairy tale characters, or Everafters as they prefer to be called, are immortal beings who have settled in New York and built the town of Ferryport Landing. The Grimm sisters have to solve the mystery of who let a giant into town in order to save their grandmother from the giant who has taken her. 

Fans of the TV show Once Upon a Time will love The Sisters Grimm series as it is very similar in its incorporation of various fairy tales. Buckley has created an enjoyable story for middle grade audiences filled with both mystery and comedy. The series is more appropriate for intermediate readers who love fairy tale retellings with a mysterious twist. While the novel isn't perfect in character development or initial set-up, and perhaps stretches suspended disbelief too much, the book is still highly recommended for readers advancing beyond their first chapter books.


By Olivia Noli, Social Media Manager, WORLDS AWAITING

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