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Opportunities for Reading – Spring and Summer

My family decided to move to the country during the summer between my fourth- and fifth-grade school year. While the house was being toured, our mother would take us to the city library and we would read for a couple hours. Every week we would take a new book home with us and exchange it the very next week for a new one. Even though there were a lot of things my mom could have done with us during those times, I am grateful that she decided to take us to the library. When parents take the time to bring their children to the library, it reinforces good reading and learning habits and children have the opportunity to become independent in bringing reading materials home. Teachers provide access to a variety of reading materials and help children become excited about reading, but parents set the example and the precedent for bringing books into the home.

For the month of April, our Worlds Awaiting Facebook and Instagram pages highlighted nonfiction science materials as well as books centered on physical and metaphorical growth. The spring and summer seasons offer many opportunities to have hands-on learning experiences outside. But when those showers come, and other times, too, take the chance to head over to your local library and pick up a good book! There are so many worlds out there waiting to be discovered, and your local library is a great place to start.


By Olivia Noli, Social Media Manager, WORLDS AWAITING

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At Worlds Awaiting we discuss a wide range of information aimed at supporting adults who want to build literacy skills in their children.   We understand that there is no “one size fits all” approach when it comes to children’s development, so the information we provide is intended to reach a wide audience. The books and other resources we recommend will also naturally cover a wide range of interests and subject matter that addresses a range of maturity, reading, and comprehension levels.  Since no one understands a child’s needs better than their caretakers, we encourage families to critically select the books and resources that meet their own individual needs and standards.

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