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Highway 89: Drew and Lacey Williams

“Music is an agreeable harmony for the honor of God and the permissible delights of the soul.” –Johann Sebastian Bach

Drew and Lacey Williams create real harmony together. It’s present in the twining of their voices through their original songs – the blend of bluegrass, country, folk and pop that comprises their repertoire – and also in the twining of their lives together as they’ve worked to nurture a family and a musical career. As Drew said in our interview: “The thing about music for Lacey and I is that you can never take it away from us. We use music as a way to reconnect.”

When they visited our studio, they impressed us with rich, candid talk about their journey as musicians, and also as spouses. People who know them now would be surprised to learn that they almost didn’t marry at all; they were both engaged to other people before they became interested in with each other, and even after they connected, Drew’s first proposal to Lacey (on a romantic trip to Nashville) didn’t hit the mark. Add to that the difficulty of living thousands of miles apart for a time (he in Utah and she in Hawaii) and it’s a wonder this story ever worked out the way it did. But like dissonance resolving in a lovely chord, they eventually found their way permanently into each other’s lives. Their sound is now even sweeter, having welcomed three beautiful children into the family, along with dozens of beautiful original songs. Drew and Lacey approach everything as a team, from songwriting to coaching their kids through music lessons of their own. Lacey said: “As humans we have to share in each other’s struggles, or else what are we here for?”

As our student assistant Victoria Hardy put it: “It’s the type of music that makes you feel happy and safe.” Listen to Drew and Lacey's full interview, along with terrific performances of some of their original songs, on-demand.

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