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Movie Review: Logan Lucky

Logan Lucky, 8/18/17, 1hr 59mins, PG-13

In 2013 Steven Soderbergh announced he was retiring from making films.  He has returned to direct Logan Lucky and we are lucky he did. 

Logan Lucky is a heist film.  Soderbergh made “Ocean’s 11, 12 and 13.” So heist movies are in his wheelhouse.  This time around though the actors portray stereotypical southerners trying to steal money from Charlotte Motor Speedway.  Not only one of the most notable tracks on the NASCAR Schedule, but they want to do it during one of the biggest races of the year, The Coca Cola 600.

The humor in this film is a dry, deadpan style that is funny.  The best character for me was Joe Bang.  Daniel Craig playing an explosives expert with bleach blonde hair was really fun.  He never once sounded like James Bond and was always on point.  Plus there are some cameos in the film of NASCAR Drivers not playing drivers that were fun to catch.  Channing Tatum and Adam Driver as the Logan brothers play off of each other very well.

I was very entertained by this film but I must say I am a NASCAR fan so there was something extra in it for me.  The ending did make me ask some questions, but there may be a sequel.  Also this is not a true story as you will see in the disclaimer at the end of the credits.

If you plan to take your kids to Logan Lucky there is some language spread throughout the film.  You will also see some violence in the jail as prisoners fight guards and each other.  A man is naked in the back seat of a car but he is visible only from the chest up. 

Logan Lucky is rated PG-13 and I am giving it a B+.  

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