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Book Review: “Tea Rex” by Molly Idle

Tea Rex by Molly Idle.  Viking Juvenile, 2013.

To hold a perfectly polite tea party, you must follow certain rules—especially if your special guest is a dinosaur and a T-Rex, to be exact. Cordelia and her little brother are perfect hosts. They offer their guest a comfortable chair, make small talk, serve refreshments, and pour the tea. Although a few mishaps may happen along the way, it’s all worth it when Cordelia and her brother are invited to T-Rex’s next tea party.


Tea Rex is a fun twist to your average tea party. While the text is simple and straightforward, it is Molly Idle’s illustrations that bring fun and excitement to the story. This book is appealing to children who love to host their own tea parties, and to those who love dinosaurs and a little misadventure. A recommended read for children and adults, Tea Rex will have you laughing at every page.


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By Rachel Wadham, Host, WORLDS AWAITING


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