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Movie Review: Goodbye Christopher Robin

Goodbye Christopher Robin, 10/27/17, 1Hr 47 Mins, PG

Welcome to a 90 second movie review for the film Goodbye Christopher Robin.

Goodbye Christopher Robin is the story about A.A. Milne and his family.  Milne wrote the vastly popular Winnie the Pooh books at a time when England needed a positive kick in the pants.  Milne is played by Domhnall Gleeson and his wife, Daphne, by Margot Robbie.  Their son Christopher Robin, Will Tilston, comes along and Mom still wants her old life while Dad is still recovering from the First World War.

I was lost in this story because it is so good.  The acting made me feel something for each character on the screen, and yes I did tear up.  This is a film that will take you on an emotional journey.  You will go from laughter, to fear, to tragedy and back to happiness many times over in less than two hours.  Whether or not the story is factual does not matter, just enjoy the show on the screen and feel the emotions the actors are giving you. 

While the film centers around the children’s books Milne created, the story is one of a family and what happens to them as the books become very popular.  The actors and the filmmakers have done an excellent job telling the story of this family. Watch out for Will Tilston.

The look of this film is beautiful using many natural shots of the forest with father and son.  Even the special effects get in on the story as they change the imagination of a boy from winter to summer in a very unique way.  This film is touching and brilliant.

Parents please note that there are some scenes of warfare and characters suffer from PTSD. There is some social drinking and smoking that takes place.  Very little profanity can be heard, but there is some bullying.

Goodbye Christopher Robin is rated PG and I am giving it an A grade.  Thanks for listening I’m Shawn O’Neill and this has been a 90 second movie review on BYU Radio.